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Back on the Move is a fully integrated alternative healthcare facility that offers a single source for a wide variety of treatment options, dedicated to people of all ages and all health levels – for those who are injured or for those who seek improved mobility, flexibility or general health.

The aim is to provide our patients with a wide range of treatment options, providing for a wide range of individual needs. Rather than focusing on one form of practice only.

Integration is our believe, by providing different areas of expertise into a single healthcare resource, we can offer a more adaptable, results-focused service that brings faster recovery times for injuries and optimizes our patients health and healing process.

As a team, we combine our expertise to offer both preventative and curative services. We help to prevent injury through education of the importance of posture, nutrition and body awareness, thus reducing risk and creating awareness of better health practices. Should injury occur, through sports or other factors, we provide rehabilitation and pain relief, addressing the causes of injury and body imbalances to enhance personal performance and recovery.

Back On The Move


‘Offering a sincere healthcare service towards the well-being of the community of Bahrain in an integrated, diverse environment.’

  • Ensure our service providers share the Back on the Move value system.
  • Service integration, where multi-disciplinary professionals bring their expertise to offer a holistic health model.
  • Implementing the paradigm of integrated care between preventive and curative services.
  • Whole-person approach and patient-centered care which optimizes the patient’s health and healing process.
  • Education and self-awareness of health, wellness, and skills to take responsibility to manage self-health.
Back on the Move

First Floor, Building 1072, Sunlight Plaza, Road 3622, Block 436, Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain
 +973 39197480 hello@backonthemove.com