--- Deborah Jones ---

I am passionate about health and how it is unique to you. As a primary care professional, I listen, observe, diagnose, manage and evaluate in a patient-centred manner. To date, I have enjoyed treating clients in two well-established London clinics and worked as a lecturer in Swansea University’s Osteopathy department.

My clinical experience has revealed how body structure mirrors current and desired function as well as past injury. Life is becoming more stressful and demanding and it is very easy to ignore twinges and aches until they become debilitating pain. Your state of health is deeply personal, relying on balance between stress and rest, nutrient delivery, waste removal and mind and body. By using an array of personally tailored techniques, body system function can be restored. Such clinically effective techniques improve flexibility, circulation, muscle tone and regeneration through neurological effects on muscle groups and myofascial components. Treatment is focused on the symptomatic area as well as any areas that contribute to pain or stiffness. When treatment is combined with adequate nutrition, natural body systems will optimally respond.

In my spare time I love to sing and train Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Our bodies were made to move at any age and these disciplines have nurtured an interest in craniofacial anatomy, sinusitis, optimal movement and sports health. When you feel pain, stiffness or decreased flexibility, it is often an accumulation of multiple stresses and triggers. Therefore, depending on your needs I will work integratively with other manual therapists, rehab specialists, nutritionists and mindfulness coaches to help you get back on the move.

Masters in Osteopathy
Diploma in Osteopathy and Naturopathy
GOsC Registered Osteopath
Academic prize- Applied Natural Therapeutics
(naturopathy and visceral)