--- Caitlyn Jones ---

BSc Human Structure and Function
The University of Melbourne
Certificate III & IV Fitness
The Australian Institute of Fitness
Certificate III & IV Massage Therapy
Sage Institute of Education

Coming to Bahrain from Melbourne, Australia, Caitlyn has always had a vested interest in human health and fitness. While keeping active in sport and other activities herself, she gained a BSc in Human Structure and Function at the University of Melbourne and supplemented that with further study in fitness and massage therapy. Throughout her studies, she worked with athletes in the Australian and Victorian Football Leagues (AFL and VFL) and had mentors in physiotherapy and myotherapy.

Since graduating, she has continually updated her knowledge and skills in health, fitness and massage. Caitlyn’s most recent and relevant example being a course called Rehab Trainer, integrating functional training with functional massage release techniques.

At Back on the Move, her approach to treatment is holistic, specialising in deep tissue massage, using myofascial release techniques such as trigger point therapy to help alleviate tension in the muscles. Then, depending on patients’ individual prognoses, she may also prescribe either exercises, to help strengthen any weak muscles, stretches or self massage techniques to further treatment at home.  Caitlyn’s personal goal, as a therapist, is to help her clients move more effectively and without pain, in ordinary daily activities.