--- Belinda Spratt ---

Remedial, Deep Tissue, and Aromatherapy Massage Therapist

A senior massage therapist with over 15 years of experience in the touch therapy industry. Throughout her career, Belinda has had the privilege of working with many different industry professionals and has managed her own massage teams at sports events. Belinda has worked in the cancer ward at MediClinic Constantiaberg, Cape Town. In both areas the focus was on teamwork, alleviating physical pain and lifting the human spirit. Belinda is highly talented in creating aromatherapy blends tailored to patients’ specific needs.

In previous roles, Belinda has acquired significant experience in her field, working on passenger liners and luxury yachts. Both have afforded her the opportunity to work with professionals in different fields of expertise, and also the opportunity to travel extensively, meeting people from all backgrounds and diversities. Belinda has a passion for her chosen field and this is demonstrated through the energy that she puts into her treatment sessions.

Belinda uses varying techniques to achieve results that are felt once each treatment is completed. Trigger point release; myofascial release; deep tissue massage and pressure point work are a few of the techniques used.  She is well versed in tapotement techniques, used to assist with improving depth of breath, diaphragm relaxation and the relief of stress from the thoracic cage.

Her keen interest in the ‘how, when and where’ will put your mind at ease, knowing that she will take the necessary care to treat you to the best of her abilities.