--- Sports related Injuries ---

Osteopathy works very well for sports injuries, especially more challenging injuries that don't respond well to drugs and just aren't getting better with any other treatment

We treat shoulder, ankle and knee injuries, strained muscles, ligament injuries, and pretty much anything else a high impact sports environment can dish up. Not only do you need to recover from your injury so you can get back training; you also need to know that there will be no physical aspects of that injury that might slow you down later.

A good example is the common ankle strain. It is so important that the ankle recovers properly to allow the foot its normal spring, to transmit power through the leg for normal strength and speed, and also to let the joints upwards of the ankle work properly again. A sprained ankle often disrupts normal knee function, and without treatment can lead to uneven wear and increased risk of further injury. The same applies to the back of the pelvis. This is why we treat not only the injury site, but further afeld at times - dealing with all aspects of the injury and ensuring there are no ongoing affects

We also can help with long term sports health and optimal physical performance. Osteopathy can help you maintain your physical health and keep on top of minor aches and pains during training and competition phases. It's also helpful at improving the way your ribs move which allows for greater ribcage expansion - it's always helpful with aerobic exercise to have more oxygen!