--- Back & Neck Pain ---

We all get back pain from time to time, and we all wish we didn't but, as the body's primary structure, our backs put up with a lot. Sitting for long periods, lifting without bending our knees, twisting the wrong way. Back ache can vary from mild discomfort to signifcant pain and disability and can affect the way we feel, work and live.

Not all back pain is created equal so when dealing with this area we have to carefully consider the cause when deciding how to treat. For example, the strain from lifting weights in the gym that are simply 'too heavy' is very different to the pain you get from sitting at your desk glued to your computer all day - or neck pain caused by endless social media texting - often called 'smartphone neck'!

Sometimes back pain can even be from abdominal or pelvic dysfunction, rheumatic conditions, workplace physical stresses, and even anxiety and depression. Getting the sore bit better is often only half the job. That's why we often work around the site of pain and also distant to it; it's with a view to helping you stay well and pain free and not having to keep coming back to see us.

To help you we need to work out exactly which parts have been injured - it may be the spine itself or it may actually be the pelvis. It may be the muscles, ligaments or joints, or all of the above. We also need to work out whether you were predisposed to this injury - maybe from an old tight spot, different leg lengths or something to do with your core muscles - or whether it is a new condition.

And as for necks. These can be the source of many pain struggles, from the long standing stiff neck to the 'I've just woken up and I can't move my neck' kind of pain. Neck pain can also be a major cause of headaches, and some neck problems can cause pins and needles down your arms, feelings of tightness in your chest, face pain and even weak arms. All of these respond very well to osteopathic treatment and management, and osteopaths are well trained to use appropriate neurological and orthopaedic testing to know what's going on